– Mamakuna –


Mamakuna is a non-profit cultural organization for the
purpose of promoting culture in all its forms, improving
lifestyle and rediscovering traditions and ancient customs
 to encourage social aggregation.

Mamakuna: a large family that rediscovers old passions for
 vegetable gardens, cooking, the home and spending time
together to enjoy again the pleasure of sharing the simplest
 things with others.

Today, in our consumer society, the prevalent individual male characteristic is dominance, materialism and consumerism that will take mankind to his destruction. To change this approach it is important to know that the lives of the wise women of the Mamakuma who in the ancient Inca population achieved report and cooperation between women and men.In the Andian culture during the course of thousands of years knowledge and conscience was created by the women.The importance of femininity was recognised by the Andeans during the ancient times in the Andean legends of religious traditions that were always handed down verbally, the first human narration to appear was by a woman.In the ancient empire of the Inca there existed an educational institution of the highest level that instructed women. Ajlla wasi, the school of knowledge, conducted by a wise woman, The Mamakuma played an active, noble and creative part in the Inca society, where the women lived with economic autonomy, sexual freedom, practiced medicine, agriculture, making vessels and Religious objects, they worked in the fields, married and raised their children. Thus over the centuries a culture was developed that included, respected and valued the female world.The males had a complimentary role to that of the female, where the men and women complimented each other in their absolute diversity.One doesn’t speak of the equality or inequality of the sexes but of the clear diversity, and where the women were the driving force for the men, with creative strength who generated ideas and passions. The women competently thrust forward towards evolution of humanity which the men claim as their own.We must rediscover and use these strengths that nature gave to women, and only thus might a perfectly balanced society of love, brotherhood and harmony with Mother Earth be created.The principles of feminine energy in the Andean ancient civilizations was founded on a healthy equilibrium between men and women.In ancient times in Peru it appears that a type of female university existed, the Akllawasi University of the Western world with a masculine bias was orientated to a vision of the external world that neglected the internal world and its spirit. The Akllawasi was directed at the knowledge of oneself. It helped to define a purpose and direction in life. There is no similar institution today, but perhaps this might be created in this century